General Terms And Conditions

The postal services act contains several requirements we have to observe to ensure the safety of your parcels, please see our General Terms and Conditions for more details. What we would emphasize here is the importance of proper packaging. You should always use packaging materials and space fillers (crumpled-up newspaper sheets, flyers or Styrofoam packing peanuts for example) which can protect the content of the package from physical impact during shipping. Depending on what you are posting, a cardboard box, a thicker, lined envelope or a plastic bag makes a good shipping container. For fragile items you may want to consider opting for our fragile parcel handling service – you are still advised to package your shipment properly, and mark the package as “TÖRÉKENY” (“FRAGILE”) in a highly visible place and way.

The types of item for which FOXPOST delivery is not available include:

  • sidearms and firearms, and parts thereof;
  • ammunition, explosives, and parts thereof;
  • radioactive, flammable, toxic, corrosive materials, materials that are fire and explosion hazards, and goods containing such materials;
  • living plants and animals, dead or stuffed animals, animal skins and furs;
  • value declaration service, transportation of valuable goods;
  • human remains;
  • perishable, infectious, revolting goods;
  • goods that require heating or refrigeration (ice, dry ice, etc.);
  • objects that violate decency or dignity, human ashes, human or animal embryos;
  • commercial quantities of alcohol, tobacco products;
  • narcotics, other hallucinogens or substances specified in the Criminal Code;
  • inadequately packaged goods;
  • commodities listed in the ADR Convention (Regarding the International Transport of Hazardous Goods on Public Roads) as hazardous goods;
  • goods obtained through criminal acts;
  • money (cash, coins, banknotes, transferable securities, shares, bonds or any other goods equivalent to money), stamps and coins;
  • drugs, narcotics, psychoactive substances;
  • other goods and products subject to official authorisation;
  • hazardous waste, particularly, but not limited to, used syringes, medical waste, blood and
    pathological objects and materials carrying a biological risk

Provisions regarding personal data

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